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What is a ‘STEN Party’ & why you should have one?

Published August 2017

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A STEN Party is a combined stag and hen do: where both the bride and groom to be celebrate with friends prior to their wedding. STEN celebrations often incorporate activities with a night out and work well when couples have a lot of mutual friends.

For some people the idea of having a combined stag / hen party may not sound like their idea of fun, however, STEN parties are definitely on the increase. It’s also worth noting that a STEN doesn’t have to replace the traditional stag and hen celebrations, with many couples opting to host a stag, hen and STEN party in the run up to their wedding.

 So why should you consider hosting a STEN party before your wedding?

  • You have a lot of mutual friends: Couples are spending much longer together before they get married than they did previously which means that many couples have a large number of mutual friends. Hosting a STEN party is a great way to celebrate as a large group before the big day and avoids couples having to leave people out.
  • You love the same activities: Always wanted to go quad biking or clay pigeon shooting? If you and your fiancé like the same activities then a STEN is a great excuse to spend some time together and try a new activity with your friends. 
  • It’s a great way for the wedding party to meet: Do you have a lot of different friend groups? If you’ve got a mixed wedding party including friends from university, work, school and home then a STEN is a great way to get everyone together before the big day.
  • You want to save money: Stag and hen parties can be expensive. If you have a number of friends in couple you can save money by celebrating together as the couples can share rooms, travel costs etc. You can also benefit from cheaper prices by booking for a large group.
  • You have both male & female friends: You don’t actually have to invite your fiancé on your STEN, you could just celebrate with your own mixed friend group. If you have both male and female friends it can feel mean to leave them out of your pre-wedding celebrations so why not invite them all on a STEN?
  • You want to head abroad: If you want a big celebration abroad then a combine STEN may be a good idea. Friends may be more comfortable spending money on a mini-break or holiday if their partner can come to. If you still want a separate stag / hen you can always dedicate a night to a boys / girls only event.

So what do you think about hosting a STEN party before your wedding? Do you think it’s a great way to celebrate or would you prefer a traditional separate stag or hen? If you’re planning a party with friends, we can help arrange a number of activities at our Chester venue. Join us for a clay shoot, quad trek, archery or air rifles: ideal for a stag, hen or STEN party!

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