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How to Save Money and still have a Great Stag / Hen Do

Published June 2017

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Planning a Stag or Hen Party, but worried about the budget. Don’t worry with our money saving hints and tips you can still have an amazing stag or hen party, without breaking the bank.

Set the Budget - Before you get on with planning it's important to find out who's going to be attending and how much they want to spend. Going away and feeling financially stretched is no fun. If you get the budget wrong you may find that people drop out or that once you're away, your friends are more reluctant to join in. If everyone is comfortable with the costs and knows how much they need to spend in advance they can relax and enjoy the weekend.

Have a Staycation - A great way to save a few pennies is to eliminate the need for travel expenses and hotels altogether. There is no reason why you can't still create a massive action packed weekend full of activities just because you've not gone away. Look for activities and deals in your local area to make the most of your time together. Want to stay in one place, call on a friend with room or try renting a house or apartment. Splitting the costs between a larger group will make it way more affordable. 

Focus on Activities - A great weekend isn't about where you go, it's all about who you go with and what you do. Choose activities that will get your group interacting and having fun together. If you're looking for outdoor adventure then quad trekking and clay pigeon shooting are great options. Why not join us for some target shooting activities at our Activity HQ in Chester? Our activities cost a lot less than you might think and will ensure you have a weekend to remember.

Enjoy One Big Night - A lot of stag and hen parties are now spaced out over a whole weekend with 2 or even 3 big nights out. This can really increase costs so if you're looking to save money an easy way to do this is to eliminate one of the nights out. Why not do 2 action packed days with one night away, or stay for 2 nights but make one of them a night in or a low-key meal out or night at the pub.

Go Direct - Stag and Hen websites make money by adding commission to the costs of activities and hotel stays so you can save a fortune by booking direct with the providers themselves. It may take a little longer to plan your event but the money you save adds up and good suppliers will be able to provide you with valuable advice and support. You may also find that you can upgrade your accommodation whilst staying on budget simply by calling the hotel directly and negotiating a group booking price.

Plan Ahead - Booking early is always smart as it allows everyone in your group to save up for the weekend if required and helps you secure better deals on hotel stays and travel costs. It also takes a lot of the stress out of planning the event and allows you to spot and avoid peek times such as school holidays when everything will be more expensive. Booking around 3-6 months in advance is perfect.

At Aim for the Sky, we want to make planning your stag / hen weekend in Chester simple. We can provide activities, recommend hotels and help you get yourself organised. For more information about our events or to book your stag or hen party, please get in touch.

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