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How to Motivate, Reward and Incentivise your Staff

Published February 2017

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In difficult economic times everyone is looking to cut back. However, despite financial pressures, it’s still as important as ever for businesses to energise and inspire their employees. After all, your staff are your company’s biggest asset. If you want to increase performance and productivity, one of the best ways to do this is to raise staff moral and loyalty. So how do you do this effectively? Here are a few practical steps you can take to motivate and reward employees in your business:

Carry out a Staff Survey: It’s surprising how many organisations fail to ask their employees how they feel about their working environment. A well organised staff survey is a great way to get your employees view on the company. This will help highlight any areas which require improvement as well as making your staff feel that their opinion is valued. To get an added benefit, share the results of the survey and any proposals for change with your business

Organise a Team Away Day: Over the years we have helped businesses organise a variety of team away days. Some have been purely to reward staff with prizes such as wine, chocolates and even an extra day’s holiday for the winning team. However, we have also used these days to improve team interaction, develop problem solving and communication skills and to introduce new staff members to an existing team.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team- it was a great day. We have worked with lots of events companies in the past and can honestly say yours was definitely the most popular with the team. You were also great for me to deal with and definitely a bit different to what we have done before. Really professional from initial enquiries to the day itself.

Suzanne, Blue Chip Marketing

Give Positive Feedback: Research shows that the most meaningful reward for staff is positive feedback from managers. Sometimes feedback has to be negative but how it is conveyed can have a huge impact on the individual. Try to look at how you can all learn from a negative experience and make sure that when employees do well you thank them for their contribution.

Set up a Bonus Scheme: Companies often implement bonus schemes. However, it’s important to ensure that all of your staff are included in these schemes to avoid causing divisions within your business. Why not look at linking bonuses to customer satisfaction rather than associating them to profit generated or individual targets. By doing this support staff can also be included in any reward

Share Customer Comments: Publicise examples of good service and share customer feedback with your business. This lets your employees know when they are doing well and reinforces positive behaviour. Sometimes a thank you is all your team needs to boost their confidence.

For information about our team building activities and/or for help organising a team away day for your staff please feel free to call or email us.

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