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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Performance at Work

Published July 2017

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Want to get that promotion or be considered for a management role? One way to increase your chances of successfully climbing the career ladder is to look critically at your performance at work to see if there are elements that you could improve upon. If you would like to become an invaluable asset to your business, then check out these 5 easy ways you can improve your performance at work today:

1) Be Positive: People generally prefer to be around positive people and in the workplace your attitude can have a big impact on your overall success within an organisation. If you can adopt a cheerful, friendly and optimistic style when interacting with colleagues you will find that they appreciate your 'can do' attitude and see you as an asset rather than a detractor.

2) Sharpen Your Skills: Senior leaders are always impressed with employees who are constantly striving to learn more in order to increase their value to their companies. Upgrading your knowledge and skills can really accelerate your career, ensuring you are seen as a valuable member of your team. Interested in improving your communication skills? Check out our article '12 Secrets of Effective Communication'.

3) Manage Your Priorities: Managers place an extraordinarily high value on a person who can set priorities and move quickly to get the job done. Speed and dependability in job completion is one of the most valued traits in the workforce. When your employer can hand you a job and then walk away and not worry about it again, you will have moved yourself onto the fast track.  Ensure your task list is manageable, adds value, and benefits your organisation.

4) Focus on Your Personal Brand: Marketing and branding are common areas of focus for companies but are becoming increasing common goals for individuals too. How you are perceived by others can significantly impact your career. Set personal goals and objectivities which will help showcase your strengths and establish credibility.

5) Show initiative: Exceptional employees don't sit wait for opportunities to be given to them. They actively look for new ways to add value and to find solutions for challenges and problems. By going the extra mile for your employer you can make a huge difference to the overall performance of your team and business.

Want to look at performance improvement for your whole team? Why not organise a team training day or corporate event with a focus on performance improvement. We have worked with a number of organisations to provide team building activities to improve skills such as time management, communication, innovation and planning. If we can help you with your next team away day, get in touch, our activities cost a lot less than you might think and can really make a difference to your business.

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