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Why Hen Parties Love Clay Shooting in Chester

Published October 2016

Hen Party Chester

With winter approaching you'd be forgiven for thinking that we'd be focusing our attention on indoor events at this time of year. But our clay pigeon shooting days are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with ladies looking to celebrate a hen weekend away.

Our country sports activities are a great way to have fun with family and friends. Not only that, our hen parties are giving the stags a run for their money with most girls hitting more than 50% of the clay targets.

Why clay shooting doesn't have to hurt.

Lots of hen groups contact us to discuss their events. Many are keen to try clay shooting but have some initial reservations because they are either worried about not being very good or about getting 'hurt or bruised'. These concerns are completely normal for beginners. As we are keen to ensure everyone has a great experience we have therefore taken steps to ensure you are all successful and safe on the day. 

"We all had a fantastic weekend, the activities went down a treat. Thank you so much for organising it all and taking the stress out of the planning! The clay shooting was a hoot, and a few of us surprised ourselves at how good we were."

Stevie Roberts

Why are we different?

Firstly we use a range of different shotguns on our events. We have several ‘four ten’ shotguns which are lightweight with virtually no recoil. We also use a ‘20 bore’ shotgun that’s lighter weight than traditional shotguns and a 12 bore and 20 bore 'automatic’ shotguns which use the recoil to reload the next shot so it reduces the kick back you feel when shooting.

“Each member of the party was assessed for the correct size and weight of gun, reassurance was provided throughout with just the right amount of humour, a highly enjoyable experience. Thank you!"

Jacqui Irving

Secondly we use low powder cartridges for our stag, hen and corporate groups. At the distance you'll be shooting they have more than enough energy to shatter a clay pigeon, but are less powerful than the type used by most shooting schools. This reduces the amount of recoil felt and stops the gun from kicking back as much.

Thirdly, we always bring spare skeet jackets (those padded waistcoats) so that you have added protection from the recoil. This is most relevant in the summer months when you don’t have the benefit of wearing layers of coats and jumpers.

Finally, all of our instructors are experienced at teaching beginners and have great techniques to correct any issues faced when shooting. Because you get one-on-one coaching our instructors are always on hand to make sure you’re holding the gun properly and standing correctly. (The two most common mistakes that can cause people to say they have been hurt or bruised while shooting.)

What should you wear clay shooting?

Our clay shooting venue just 5 minutes from Chester is called Tile Farm. As it's a working farm, the most important thing to consider is suitable footwear. We recommend walking boots or wellies, particularly in winter. In terms of clothing we recommend that you dress for the British weather, this can mean waterproofs, warm coats and jumpers or suncream and sunglasses. For more information, check out our article 'What should I wear Clay Pigeon Shooting'.

If we've inspired you to organise a clay shooting hen party then get in touch. You can also pair our clay shooting activity with something else active like archery or quad trekking or something more relaxed and creative like a chocolate or cocktail making class.

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