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Interview Advice: What to look for in Exceptional Employees

Published May 2016

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At Aim for the Sky we recognise that choosing the right employees is essential for a business to succeed and grow. Companies often ask us to improve their team's key skills and to develop the characteristics that are needed for an employee to exceed expectations. But before we can do that it's important to recognise what 'good' looks like. So, here is our list of personality traits and skills that exceptional employees can demonstrate.

Sense of Humour: Laughter and humility are important in an workplace, particularly when things get tough or something goes wrong. That being said staff should also recognise when to step back and get on with the job at hand. By doing this, exceptional employees will demonstrate that they are both reliable and positive members of the team.

Passion for Results: The best employees will not merely be average, they will excel in the working environment. Their dedication to the business and their desire to exceed personal and company goals will highlight their star quality. They should also share and promote company values.

Effective Communication: In a work place environment effective communication is essential. However, effective communication is more than just presenting ideas, it's also about listening, understanding, managing the flow of information and ensuring that the correct message is delivered in the right way.  

Customer Focus: A positive and customer focused attitude in staff is often the difference between a mediocre and a thriving business. In today's climate of technology and social media, word of mouth is especially important for business success. Friendly, smiley, sociable and helpful employees will therefore make all of the difference to your business' reputation.

Problem Solving: Great employees are always seeking to be the solution rather than the problem. They will use initiative and find creative new ways to make improvements or to resolve difficult situations. This proactive approach will make them stand out from the crowd. 

Balanced Attitude: An employees attitude is key particularly when they need to work as part of a team. Look for staff who can give balanced feedback and recognise the contribution of other members of the group. Excellent employees are also able to take criticism and benefit from constructive feedback, learning from any mistakes.

While choosing the right employee is essential, it is only the first step in developing long term positive relationships with your staff. Your workforce is your business' most valuable asset. As a result, employee engagement and continued development are equally important to ensure success. 

If you’re planning a conference and would like to include team building activities then please let us know. Our friendly and helpful instructors are always happy to provide free advice about how to get the most out of your team and your events.

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