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Introducing our Mixing Cocktails Masterclass with Chris Rea

Published June 2016

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We're really excited to introduce Chris Rea and our Mixing Cocktails Masterclass. Chris is a skilled bartender and award winning mixologist who loves to help beginners learn how to make delicious cocktails from scratch. Chris will talk you through the history of the drinks while showing you some tricks of the trade, including how to muddle the ingredients for a magnificent mojito. He'll also show you how to get creative with some flamboyant garnishes, set fire to a piece of orange peel and shake your Boston glass and tin like a pro.    

To keep things interesting participants will be divided into teams and will face a variety of team challenges. Getting the right balance is essential to creating the perfect cocktail. Once each team has learned the basic skills they'll be given the chance to get creative and combine spirits, liqueurs, juices, fresh fruits and flavourings to create their own unique drink. Points will be awarded for taste, appearance and name so everyone can get involved and get shaking before our team reveals the day's winners.

Our mixology masterclass is the perfect addition to a conference or team meal out. Alternatively, why not combine mixing cocktails with country sports like clay shooting, quad trekking or archery for the perfect stag or hen weekend away. Don't drink, don't worry; Chris can also make a great selection of non-alcoholic mocktails too.

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