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How to Manage Change and Motivate Disengaged Employees

Published August 2016

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It’s important that as managers, we ensure that our teams have the right tools and information to do their job successfully and that we encourage and support individuals to help them to achieve their goals.  So what can you do if your business is faced with uncertainty and change or if you’ve started to see signs of disengagement or poor performance? 

The first step is often to look at the channels of communication. When things go wrong one of the main causes is often uncertainty and fear caused by poor communication. One way to resolve this is to ensure you are providing a clear and consistent message to staff and to encourage employees to share feedback with you and your company. This will enable you identify concerns, reassure employees and if required make improvements to business processes to resolve the challenges identified. 

Another step to take if you are concerned about employee engagement is to look critically at the way you manage your team and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What is preventing my team from achieving their aims?
  • Does my team know what they need to do to succeed?
  • Have I encouraged my team’s development?
  • Does my team need support, equipment or materials?
  • Are expectations unclear for the team?
  • Do I listen to my team and encourage them to share ideas?
  • Have I recognized and rewarded good performance?
  • Do my team feel like their work has purpose?
  • Is my team aware of the wider company goals and visions?

Once you have identified the areas that need improvement it is much easier to make positive changes.  Team building days are a great way to encourage and improve communication channels allowing organisations to collect honest feedback from their staff. They can also help encourage individuals to work together to achieve shared goals and act as a reward, particularly in situations where the ability to offer other incentives such as pay rises are difficult. 

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