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Team Building Goes Medieval with Aim for the Sky

Published November 2015

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On a trip to the South of France, one of our instructors, Ben, visited a medieval castle where a demonstration of siege warfare was taking place to entertain the visiting tourists. Ben noticed how assembling these giant catapults, known as Trebuchets, required a team all working together to build, load and fire them.

As we're always on the look out for new and exciting activities, Ben set out to create ‘Construct a Catapult’. This challenge requires teams to build, test, load and fire their very own giant medieval Trebuchet. Their target is a wooden castle placed 40 meters away. Points are scored for hitting the sides of the castle with maximum points for any shots landing inside the castle itself.

To make things more interesting we give each team exactly 1 hour to build their catapult and score as many points as possible before completely dismantling it ….if you go over an hour, you are disqualified! This means teammates have to manage their time wisely and score as many points as possible but leave just enough time to disassemble their catapult. In a race to outscore your opposing teams it’s all too easy to run out of time

"Our Construct a Catapult team building activity has proved to be very popular with our corporate clients. The teams seem to love the challenge of aiming and firing the medieval weapons and everyone always comments on how impressive they look when they are built."

– Natasha Maddock, Director

To make the most of this activity, we have combined a selection of historically themed activities to bring you 'Medieval Fun'. We start with an archery tournament with teams scoring as many points on the range as possible. After that the teams take on this construct a catapult challenge, assembling their very own medieval Trebuchet to lay siege to their opponents castles.

To book Medieval Fun and try your hand at this catapult construction, please contact us. Alternatively, take a look at our team building activities, to find the perfect activity for your next corporate event.

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