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Survival 101

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Escape the office with our Survival experience day. Split into teams, expert instructors will teach you how to find food, start a fire and make a shelter. When the lessons are over it's time for the teams to go head to head over a series of survival themed challenges. They will have 60 minutes to build a shelter that will keep them all dry in our very own ice bucket challenge, bonus points will also be scored by any team that can also make a fire within this time.

Once the shelters have been tested it's time to find something to eat. Using a map and a compass they will have to navigate to multiple locations where items have been hidden, they'll have to decide whether these food items (Fungi, plants, berries and roots) are edible or poisonous. Points will be scored for all the correct items placed in their foragers basket ......but points will also be lost for any nasties that find their way in as well!

Finally, we'll see if our gathers are also hunters. Our specially designed air rifle range includes a variety of squirrels, rabbits and other woodland creatures, being made from metal they aren't good eating but they are worth lots of points. After a few practice rounds on the paper targets, each team will get a chance to see how many animals they can 'bag' for the points tally. Once all the challenges are completed we'll add up the scores and announce the winners! A truly unique outdoor team building experience that is guaranteed to get your colleagues laughing and working together.